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I am extremely satisfied! Let me tell you why! I contacted after I across them. I was looking for a vehicle that I could shop for and purchase over the internet and on the phone and have shipped to my country (I am not from the United States). I found a Maxima that I like and after talking to the guys at World Falcon, I decided that it seemed like the car for me. I bought it and then started talking to them about shipping. They let me know that they offer three different shipping method:

1. Roll On Roll Off Shipping. This is where they drive the car right onto the ship and secure it with a bunch of straps and braces.
2. Container Shipping. They drive the car into a large container that is either 20 feet or 40 feet. They then secure the vehicle with a series of braces and straps.
3. Car Transporter. This is when they load the car onto a truck and drive it.

After speaking to the guys at, I found out that the Car Transporter was to USA states, so I went with the Roll On Roll Off Shipping. It is their easiest way to ship anywhere in the world. They were very helpful and gave me prices and all my options. In the end, I paid a great price and got a great car from!